Cool Kew

The most important thing to our client was that all of their audio and video source equipment be centrally housed and located in the main equipment rack. Each source needed to be distributed to every display in full 1080p High Definition with HD audio capability. The cabling infrastructure needed to accommodate not only todays high definition bandwidth requirements but also have huge amounts of headroom for potential future requirements. Fibre optic cabling was the best and most logical choice. A Crestron control home automation system was specified to provide all of the control required. It was very important that the client have complete control of all of their systems from anywhere in the house and the world.

The client can control all of their lights, lighting scenes, motorized blinds, monitor their water tank levels, control all of their centrally housed audio visual equipment as well as all local equipment and displays, control their HVAC heating and cooling on a per zone basis with temperate control, control their security system and access control systems, monitoring of wine fridge temperature, view any of their security cameras, interfacing with Apple TV, Pool control via Aqualink, motorized from ramp into kitchen, motorized pool awnings, Kramer switching for DVI in Studio hydronics and heat mat for vegetable garden.

One of the biggest challenges in the completion of the studio was to reticulate all of the required cabling to each of the custom made wall plates and then tie all of this into the sound mixing desk through a custom floor box and the externally housed equipment rack. Careful consideration and attention to detail was required to ensure the entry and exit points for the cable from the studio to the rack were acoustically sealed.

Each system has been carefully designed and engineered to ensure it meets the client’s requirements for maximum flexibility, whilst delivering the highest possible quality to each audio and video area with a simple easy to use user interface.

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