We design and construct- seamlessly

Structured networks, design and cabling.

Wired and wireless

We consult with you to find out how you live your life. We provide design and feedback on the best way for you to integrate the tech you want, working the way you want it.

We run the latest standard of data cable to patchable network access points to provide a solid wired and wireless infrastructure that won’t let you or you business disconnect unexpectedly.

Network Management

With modern homes having ever increasing quantities of wired and wireless devices, our network management can give you the peace of mind that everything will remain connected.

Keeping you and your home safe

Security systems

Home security systems are essential in ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones, and the protection of your valuables. With our scalable and integrated systems you will get peace of mind that every effort has been made to deter unwanted attention, and alert you and the authorities instantly if necessary.

Home insurance companies offer favourable premiums for homes with professionally installed and monitored systems.

Cameras & Surveillance

Cameras play a huge part in both deterrent and capture of criminals. Visible hi tech cameras actively deter potential intruders, discreet aesthetic cameras keep your home monitored. Footage recorded on our systems will assist the authorities in recovery and prosecution. 

Access control

Our access control systems allow you to know who is ringing your doorbell or video intercom from anywhere in your home, or anywhere in the world. You can then let them in, or keep them out.

Trades can have access to gardens & swimming pool maintenance with personal gate codes, only operable at certain hours of the day. Logs can be kept of who has come and gone and what gate they used.

Power, light, and lighting control

Lighting control systems

At the heart of your home is the centralised lighting control system. Control the whole house from a button on the wall or the comfort of your sofa. Change the ambience at the push of a button. Switch off the whole house as you leave or when you go to bed. Going on holiday? Make the house appear occupied with timed scenes mimicking your daily lighting use. Open or close your blinds or shades with the weather or light. The possibilities are endless.

Electrical works

We offer complete residential electrical services. New build, renovation or addition, our electricians know wiring and regulations. We consult, design, and implement electrical systems with the highest attention to detail, ensuring that everything we install is correctly wired, tested, and works safely in your home.